Monday, May 21, 2012

Vacation Part 3

Sunday morning we got up REALLY early after going to bed REALLY late and headed to Rhode Island for lunch with one of my other closest friends. It's quite a drive from Philadelphia to Portsmouth, NH with lots of tolls along the way. Sunday also happened to be Mother's Day and was a really hard day for me, made better by my wonderful friends, family and husband. I don't have any pictures from Sunday. Monday morning we slept in, went and ate breakfast and went to North Hampton Beach in Portsmouth, NH. It was cool, cloudy and windy but the beach was beautiful. This is where we chose to spread some of Grant's ashes. We still have some that we plan on putting in an urn to keep. It was very sad but so peaceful at the same time.

The rock where we spread Grant's ashes

Daddy and Grant's Name

 Mommy and Grant's Name

Tuesday we drove to our friends house to spend some time with them and our Godson. We had fun hanging out, eating good food, and we went to the gun range on Wednesday. Brad, Susan and Skylar, we love y'all and are so happy we got to see you. 

Thursday we got up REALLY early and headed to the airport so we could head home. We traveled most of the day but made it home in time to surprise D and A at the park and tuck everyone in to bed.

It was a wonderful trip and I loved the quality time we got to spend together. Some of it was sad, some was happy and some was a little of both, exactly like life for us now. 


  1. Oh the rock looks like a beautiful spot. I can imagine that it would be very sad. We have Jonathan's ashes in a urn and we both have urn necklaces. It is so sad to think of our sweet little babies as ashes uuugggg:( Well I am glad your trip was good, your so right life is happy and sad that is just real life for you.

  2. Such a beautiful place for his ashes... thinking of you all xoxo

  3. I found you from Tesha's link-up. Oh, I just love the picture of your sweet boy's feet! SO precious!!

    I hope you had a peaceful Mother's Day, celebrating the life of precious Grant. What an amazing idea to spread some of his ashes there.

    I'd love for you to follow along on my blog:

    ~Hannah Rose