Monday, May 21, 2012

Vacation Part 2

Here is the middle part of our vacation. Wednesday we drove from Washington DC to Baltimore, MD. We had been told that the aquarium there was wonderful and since we had tickets to the Orioles/Rangers game that night we decided we could spend the day there. First we went to eat at a cafe called the Blue Moon Cafe. YUMMY! Seriously some of the best food I've ever had. We will be going back and next time I'm going to make Jonathan try the Captain Crunch French Toast (since I don't like french toast). We spent the afternoon at the aquarium and people were right, it is an amazing aquarium. We had some time to kill afterwards though so we went and saw a movie and then headed to the baseball game. Of course it had to start raining as we were walking into the stadium. We sat at the game for over an hour watching the rain fall until they called the game and rescheduled for the next afternoon. Woohoo, double header tickets. While we were waiting for them to call the game we met some really great people from Lubbock, TX and we ended up sitting with them on Thursday.

Thursday morning we got up and went to the Washington Monument, Lincoln Memorial, WWII memorial, and the White House. Everything is under construction so we will have to go back when it is done. Then we headed back to Baltimore for a double header. The Rangers lost the first game but won the second. We had a blast! 

Friday was spent at the National Zoo where we saw Panda Bears and we ate dinner with one of my best friends ever Kimberly! FYI all the stuff in Washington DC (Zoo, Museums, Monuments) are free!

Saturday we drove to Philadelphia where we enjoyed a Cheesesteak and headed to the Phillies game for the last game of our trip. 

The final installment is coming soon :)

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