Tuesday, August 31, 2010

To Classes We Shall Go!

We are officially signed up for foster care classes next month. It's one more step that has to happen before our home study. It's really exciting to watch this play out in front of our eyes. I love following what God has planned for us and seeing how perfectly it works. Off to work I must go. More later!


Wednesday, August 18, 2010

It's In!

We faxed our application in a few days ago! We still have "supporting documents" that have to be filled out, like our dogs updated vaccines, fingerprinting, etc. but the main part of the application is in! I am super excited about this and can't wait until we are licensed in the next few months. Hopefully if we can get everything together quickly we can be licensed at the end of September and have a child, or children, in our home in October! Someone asked me the other day what we were going to do if we got pregnant since we are still taking fertility medicine and still trying each month to have a baby. My answer to that question is bring it on! The more children the merrier in my book. Will we have to make some adjustments, sure, but that's fine by me. If God wants to bless us with more than 1 child then who am I to complain about it. As one of my friends said, "it's Kristy, she likes dealing with chaos, she'll be fine", haha. I'd write more but it's off to work I must go :(


Thursday, August 12, 2010

The Process

And.......I'm back. Wow work has been crazy lately. I worked on our foster care application while I was  on nights and Jonathan has finished filling out the parts that I couldn't. I'm pretty sure the main application is finished. Now we send it in and wait. Hopefully we can take classes next month. They said that the process can take as long as we want basically. We have to have a home study, home health and fire inspection, Jonathan needs to be CPR/First Aid Certified, we have to have background checks and fingerprints done all before we can be licensed. Whew, that's a lot of stuff. The application packet is HUGE!!!! We are really looking forward to this. Last night we discussed the age ranges of children we would be comfortable with as well as the disabilities we would be comfortable with. Those are hard questions to think about. We know that lots of children need a home and that older kids are the ones that are the hardest to place but I think I understand why. We have agreed to allow newborn to 14 year olds with no or some disabilities. We don't want to accept very medically fragile children. It's not fair to ask Jonathan to have to adapt to that life style, plus, I see children like that at work everyday and I can't see them at home too, they make me sad.  We are going to take the teenagers on a case by case basis. I am not very sure of my abilities to parent a teenager at this point in my life, but if God wants us to have a teenager then we will take them. We are soon going to be cleaning the office out to make room for the guest bed so we can turn the guest room into the kids room. We are looking for furniture and toys/books to have on hand. I feel like we are pretty prepared for a baby since we have sippy cups, a high chair, diaper bag, changing pad, etc from having Andrea here so often.

On a different note: My fertility specialist started me on Metformin to help me ovulate. Once I got past the side effects it hasn't bothered me too much. I just started taking another round of Clomid and hopefully we will ovulate and conceive soon :)


Wednesday, August 4, 2010

New Development!

Where to begin? I guess where we left off last time. The round of clomid in July didn't work:( I have started taking Metformin to help the clomid work and next round in a few weeks we will increase the dose of clomid yet again. This whole process is exhausting. I have my good and bad days, but good days definitely out way the bad. We shall see what happens. Delayed gratification has been the story of my life.

On a different note we have begun filling out foster care/adoption paperwork. We have looked into a bunch of different agencies and have decided to go with Family Link out of Austin. They are a Christian agency and the people are super nice. We will be attending classes in September and hopefully licensed at the end of September. We are doing foster and foster to adopt and are super excited about this. We know that this is where God is leading us.

Our lives are crazy busy like always, but we are enjoying it! God had really blessed us.