Tuesday, September 27, 2011

5 months

On Thursday, September 28, D and A will have been with us for 5 months. 5 months feels like years to me. I feel like they have lived with us and we have been a family forever. As the days go by we seem to continue to draw closer as a family. I absolutely love spending time with Jonathan, D and A. They make my heart happy and I'm going to brag on them for a bit :)

D is a wonderful, free loving, hugging, talkative, happy, giggly, girly, soccer playing, beautiful little girl. She is amazing. I love her spirit. She loves everyone with such intensity. She is doing really well in school and making good friends. She is playing soccer and is really good, especially for someone who has never played before. She loves to go to church and learn about Jesus. She loves all things pink, purple and sparkly.

A is a happy-go-lucky, laughing, run at you full force, embracing, belly laughing, ball throwing, wrestling, handsome little boy. He is awesome. I love how he runs to us smiling when we pick him up from school. How he grasps my hand so tightly, almost like he's saying "please don't let go".  He's actually really liking school now after a few hard transition weeks. He runs in each morning and gives his teacher a hug and doesn't look back. I love that he is secure enough to do that now. His speech and language is improving every day. He loves to play with friends and play in the dirt. He loves gorillas.

D and A are the best of friends and I love that they love each other so much. I pray that they will continue to grow up with their love for Jesus, sweet spirits, good attitudes, smiles, and loving hearts. They truly have been a blessing beyond measure to us and I thank God daily for letting us be involved in their lives, even if it is only for a while. I pray that their parents are able to make good decisions and do what is right so that they can enjoy the miracle of these two children.


Wednesday, September 7, 2011

What I Wish "They" Knew

Being a foster parent is one of the greatest things I have ever done. I love loving these kids and watching them grow. I love being able to support them while their parents do what needs to be done so that their family can be restored. We have received the greatest blessings from the kids that have lived with us and I wouldn't trade that for anything. However, it is also the hardest thing I have ever done. No matter how hard we try to protect ourselves we inevitably fall head over heels in love with the kids placed in our home. We want what is best for the kids and sometimes the system doesn't always allow that to happen. It hurts us to see the kids hurt when the parents don't do what they are supposed to and it affects the kids badly. It's also hard to have the parents look at you with disdain and distrust.

Here is what I wish they knew....
I am not the one who chose to take the children from your home. I'm not trying to replace you as the parents and I'm not trying to turn your children against you. I am the person who has chosen to love your children as if they were my own until you can get things straightened out and be reunited with your children even though I know that it means heartache for us. I am praying for you daily to do what needs to be done so that your family can be whole again. I can't imagine having my child taken from my home and living with a complete stranger and so I won't pretend to even know how it feels. I would think that it would be completely devastating though. I will continue to pray for you after you've been reunited, that you continue to be the best parent you can be and that the children that I now love also are being kept safe, loved, and cherished. I know that you love your children and I'm not trying to take that from you. I'm not trying to teach them to not love you or to love me more. I will however vow to love them wholeheartedly, cherish them for the children of God that they are, teach, encourage, and support them.


Sunday, September 4, 2011

Making a house a home...

We moved into our current house at the end of June. We upsized our house and yard compared to where we lived in residency. Our old house was so cramped with Jonathan and I, D, A and Cubby that we really needed more space. Our new house has another bedroom and sits on half an acre, it's so nice to not be on top of each other all the time. Since we moved in we've been working to make it feel like home and get things the way we want them. We've bought rugs, and office furniture and a few decorative things but hadn't hung pictures on the wall yet. My parents came to stay with us in the middle of the week so my dad could go hunting near here. I took the opportunity of 4 days with my mom to hang out and also have her help me make the house the way I wanted it. My mom is a wonderful decorator and has great ideas. We spent Saturday hanging pictures on the walls and today modifying some curtains we already had and hanging curtains in the kids rooms and the office. The house looks great now and I'm so happy.

I so enjoyed having my parents here for a few days and getting to spend girl time with my mom. It was also nice to enjoy some of my moms cooking.

The kids are spending time with their grandma this weekend and I can't wait to see them tomorrow. D is doing well in school and making friends. Soccer starts this week for her and we all are so excited. A is doing better at school and he didn't even cry on Friday when I dropped him off. He is talking so much more and I love seeing him grow!

Our new house is just the way it should be. Full of things that make it feel like home but more importantly full of the people I love the most and the sound of little ones. We are so incredibly blessed!