Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Bybee Happenings....nothing exciting really

The Bybee family is busy! Jonathan is working hard in school. After this semester he will have approximately 2 more years and then he will graduate with his Bachelor's Degree and will be ready to teach Junior High Science (bless his soul). I have been working a ton since getting out of the hospital, about 10 days in a row so far. It's crazy and I'm tired. Oh well at least I love my job. We will be traveling soon to see my Mom and Sister for their shared birthday and I'm super excited about spending girl time with them. Then it's back to work and back to school until spring break when Jonathan is off but I am working days (usually I work nights). Life will be busy for a while here but I wouldn't trade it for anything.

On the Foster Care/Adoption front we have been chosen as 1 in 4 families for a sibling group of 2 girls that will have their staffing meeting tomorrow (Thursday the 28th). These girls are 9 and 10 years old and are foster to adopt. If you read this today or tomorrow please pray that they are placed in the right family for them. I'm excited and a little nervous. It's been a while since we've welcomed new kids into our home and to think that if they come here they will be permanent kids is amazing and slightly scary all at once. This journey is a roller coaster ride but I love that God has called us to be foster parents and now foster to adopt parents. We will one day be foster parents again but now is not the time for that.

Monday, February 18, 2013

Feeling Much Better

Thank you for all of the prayers and thoughts. I am feeling much better. I got to leave the hospital last Wednesday with strict orders to take it easy. I did just that for about 24 hours and then I was going CRAZY! I am not a person to sit still and do nothing. I love to go and do things as well as just be busy. I did sleep quite a bit over the past few days though. I'm still coughing and still get tired very easily but am getting better every day. I start back to work tonight so we shall see how that goes.

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Still Here (hospital)......hopefully not for long

I'm still here. One of my tests came back. I have Rhinovirus. The most common cold virus has managed to put me in the hospital. Good grief. The lung specialist says its all because of this virus that triggered my asthma. I'm doing better today and hope to go home sometime today if things continue to go well. I'm hoping today I can walk more than 30ft without being out of breath. If so, I can bust out of this joint.

Monday, February 11, 2013


I'm in the hospital, boooo! Being on the patient side is not very much fun! I love working in the hospital but hate being a patient. I was admitted late Sunday night/ early Monday morning for asthma. They got that under control and now think I may have pneumonia. I am sitting here waiting for a chest x-ray wishing I could go home. I know that I'm not really well enough to go home but I am soooo much better than when I got here. I just want to sleep. It doesn't even have to be in my own bed. Hospitals don't believe in sleep. I know this as a doctor but I also know that in the children's world we actually come in the rooms a lot less during the night unless the patient is really really sick so that the child and families can rest some. I finally got about an hour long un-interrupted nap this afternoon and it was bliss. Prayers would be appreciated for quick healing and doctors to have wisdom.

Sunday, February 3, 2013

The Purpose Behind His Loss

I don't understand why babies or children die. I never have and never will. I wish we lived in a world where no parent had to experience that pain. However, I fully believe that Grant's short life had and still has a purpose. I love to see his purpose played out over and over as time goes on. One of the things that his life and death have brought me is a friendship with a group of women I otherwise would never have met. Our friendship stems from the common knowledge of how very sucky it is to lose a child along with our love for our babies and our Jesus. I am so very thankful for the friendship of these women over the past year. Another purpose of Grant's life is how it has allowed me to reach out to families affected by loss. I love that because of him I am able to help other families who are hurting. I recently have been emailing someone from across the country who just found out that her son has the same diagnosis as Grant. I love knowing that because of Grant I can offer prayer and a listening ear to this family and support them in their time of grief and decision making. I love making burial clothing for these families knowing that it will bring a small comfort to them in the darkest moments of their lives. Grant's life has taught me so many life lessons in the past 10 months and I know will continue to do so in the years to come.