Monday, February 11, 2013


I'm in the hospital, boooo! Being on the patient side is not very much fun! I love working in the hospital but hate being a patient. I was admitted late Sunday night/ early Monday morning for asthma. They got that under control and now think I may have pneumonia. I am sitting here waiting for a chest x-ray wishing I could go home. I know that I'm not really well enough to go home but I am soooo much better than when I got here. I just want to sleep. It doesn't even have to be in my own bed. Hospitals don't believe in sleep. I know this as a doctor but I also know that in the children's world we actually come in the rooms a lot less during the night unless the patient is really really sick so that the child and families can rest some. I finally got about an hour long un-interrupted nap this afternoon and it was bliss. Prayers would be appreciated for quick healing and doctors to have wisdom.


  1. Oh no I am so sorry. I am in the hospital also.... no fun and not much sleep. Praying for your quick and complete recovery!

  2. Praying for you friend! How are you all holding up?

  3. Hospitals don't believe in are absolutely, 100% right! Hugs and prayers to you! Feel better soon!