Sunday, February 3, 2013

The Purpose Behind His Loss

I don't understand why babies or children die. I never have and never will. I wish we lived in a world where no parent had to experience that pain. However, I fully believe that Grant's short life had and still has a purpose. I love to see his purpose played out over and over as time goes on. One of the things that his life and death have brought me is a friendship with a group of women I otherwise would never have met. Our friendship stems from the common knowledge of how very sucky it is to lose a child along with our love for our babies and our Jesus. I am so very thankful for the friendship of these women over the past year. Another purpose of Grant's life is how it has allowed me to reach out to families affected by loss. I love that because of him I am able to help other families who are hurting. I recently have been emailing someone from across the country who just found out that her son has the same diagnosis as Grant. I love knowing that because of Grant I can offer prayer and a listening ear to this family and support them in their time of grief and decision making. I love making burial clothing for these families knowing that it will bring a small comfort to them in the darkest moments of their lives. Grant's life has taught me so many life lessons in the past 10 months and I know will continue to do so in the years to come.


  1. Grant's life is such a blessing to many!!! and you are a wonderful mommy to him my friend!

  2. Kristy, I just love your heart! Grant has got one super special Mom!