Sunday, May 20, 2012

Vacation Part 1

Here is the beginning of our vacation posts. I don't really know how many posts it's going to take to do this. I'll try to make it short and sweet since no one probably wants to know every detail of our vacation. Jonathan and I had planned this vacation originally for right after D and A were supposed to go home and before I was too pregnant to travel comfortably. Well, D and A were still here and I wasn't pregnant anymore, but we decided to go on vacation anyway. We actually extended our vacation by 5 days so that we could travel to New Hampshire to spread Grant's ashes. Thank you to my brother-in-laws parents Marilu and Dan for the plane tickets on the way home! Thank you to the Shoemaker family for the hotel for the first half of our trip! 

We went to Washington DC for the first part of our trip, simply because we had never been and always wanted to go. Jonathan and I are nerds :) We love zoos, aquariums, museums, etc. If you love these things too then Washington DC is a must! The weather there was beautiful for the most part. It is odd to me to need a jacket in the middle of May. That's ok though, it made for comfortable walking during the day, and boy did we do some walking. We left on Sunday May 6th and arrived that afternoon. That night we went to the Washington Nationals vs Philadelphia Phillies baseball game! One of my very best friends who lives in DC right now met us at the game. 

Monday we went to Arlington National Cemetery. We will have to go back there, that place is huge and so beautiful. I didn't know that President Kennedy had 2 children die as infants. They are buried next to him and his wife there. It was really hard for me at that moment. We were looking at their graves and the Kennedy memorial there and another man and woman walked up. The woman looked to be about 5 or 6 months pregnant and I started crying and had to walk away. For some reason I felt really close to Grant while we were there. That afternoon we went to the Smithsonian Air and Space Museum at the Udvar-Hazy Center....AMAZING! This is where they filmed part of Transformers: Revenge of  the Fallen and is also where the Space shuttle Discovery is! There were so many airplanes, helicopters, missiles, rockets, it was awesome! Definitely something you should do if you go to DC. 

Tuesday we went to the Smithsonian American Indian Museum, the National Archives Building and the Smithsonian Art Galleries. We don't' have pictures from the Archives building, you aren't allowed to take pictures of the Declaration of Independence, Bill of Rights, or the Constitution. It was amazing to see such important documents. 

Waiting in line outside the Archives Building

A VW Bug covered in beads

That's it for part 1! Will do part 2 later!


  1. WOW it looks like a lot of fun!!! I went to DC when I was a preteen and loved it. I hope to take our kids someday.It is an expensive ticket from CA. I did not know about the Kennedy's babies either. It is amazing what loss has opened our eyes to. I ma sorry it was hard. I started crying the other day when I saw a very pregnant woman. Well I look forward to the rest of your vacation updates it is fun to see your adventures :)

  2. fun! I love DC too. I didn't know President Kennedy had lost children either. It sounds like your little guy was with you that day.

  3. Awesome! You guys love baseball and are nerds like us! :) :)

    I am so glad you felt close to Grant ...I love those moments when I feel so close to Gideon.