Monday, July 9, 2012

5 day Recap...Mini Vacation

We traveled to the DFW area on the 4th to spend some time with family and friends and returned today.

4th:  We made lunch and enjoyed eating and laughing at my sister's house. Yummy homemade flautas, chicken enchiladas, rice, guacamole, queso! Then my sister and brother-in-law, brother and sister-in-law, Jonathan and I all took my brother's boat and went fishing and swimming. We had so much fun hanging out together. We saw some firework shows on our way home.

5th: Jonathan and I went shopping for new shorts for him and new flip flops for me. Our puppy had chewed through 3 pairs of my flip flops and I was seriously sad that I had to wear tennis shoes for 2 days (maybe I have a flip flop addiction) :). We picked my grandmother up for dinner and met my parents, brother and nieces for dinner.

6th: We hung out at my sister's house most of the day and then went to dinner with friends. This is the dinner I was asking for prayers for. Thank you for that! When our friends with the baby boy arrived at first I couldn't even look at him without getting teary eyed. Then we went bowling with them and I made myself hold him. I can't avoid holding babies forever. I love babies. I'm just glad it was dark in the bowling alley so that no one saw the tears falling as I held him the first time. I held him again a little while later and it was much easier the second time. Our friends were so understanding and loving, truly great friends to have.

7th: We went to a casino with my sister and brother-in-law for Jonathan's birthday. We walked away with as much money as we went to play with and had so much fun spending the day together.

8th: We went back to our old church where we saw some more friends, enjoyed lunch with Jonathan's mom and dinner with Jonathan's dad. Jonathan and I played a few rounds of ping-pong and darts at my sister's house and then we all went to bed.

Today we drove home and it is so nice to be back. However, our town is currently on a boil water advisory and water restriction. On Saturday lightning struck the water treatment facility and all business except the hospital were made to close. People were asked to not use water except for cooking/drinking and then to boil the water for 2 minutes prior to use. The power has been restored to the facility but they are still re-filling all of the tanks and the water still has to be boiled before use. I've boiled a few pots of water today for us and the dogs to drink. Thankfully we took showers at my sister's before we left this morning.


  1. Oh my goodness what extreme weather conditions;/ I help my nephew that so close in age to Jonathan. It was soooo hard but healing also. I told him I would always look at him and think lovingly of Jonathan and that he was my special nephew. I am glad you had a good trip with your family and your friends were sweet and sensitive.:)

  2. I am so glad that you were able to hold the baby. I can only imagine how hard it must have been, but I'm so glad your friends were gentle and kind to you!