Monday, June 11, 2012

Andrea and Her Sayings

Andrea is a funny kid who talks like she is 16 but is only 3. Maybe I should explain who Andrea is since I talk about her often. I work with Andrea's mom (Bethany). She started residency the year after I did with her beautiful little 6 month old girl, Andrea. Her husband was working in another town at the time and she had a friend living with her as her nanny. In November of 2009 Jonathan got hurt at work. In January of 2010 Bethany needed a new nanny. Jonathan is amazing with kids and couldn't work. Bethany already knew him and me and trusted us, so he started taking care of Andrea when she was almost 1. He took care of her all of 2010 and part of 2011 and then she started daycare when he started school. However, she still stays at our house quite often because her mom works crazy hours as a resident and she needs someone to take care of her. They are moving in a few weeks so she is out of daycare now and once again staying with Jonathan (JaJa to her). She LOVES JaJa! I think he is her favorite person in the world second only to her mom. 

This is what she has said today. 

We were all sitting on our bed goofing around when she grabs his arm and says 
Andrea: My Jaja 
Jaja: Will you share me with Kristy?
Andrea: NO, She then starts talking in an English accent and says "He is no you JaJa. Never."
Kristy: Will you share him with me, I love him? 
Andrea: Tomorrow 
Kristy: Is tomorrow ever going to happen? 
Andrea: No (then starts laughing hysterically)

Still laying on the bed goofing off. I'm laying next to Jaja with my arm over him pretending to sleep. 
Andrea: My Jaja
Kristy: fake snoring
Andrea: Climbs on Jaja and pushes me away, then gets down and tries to pick my head up. "Pick up your head."
Kristy: Laughing
Andrea: Pick your head up or I'm going to start counting, then starts counting at 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11
Kristy and Jaja: Laughing harder
Andrea: pushing me away so I roll farther away. then hugs Jaja and says "my jaja, not yours, go over there"
Kristy: I can't roll any further
Andrea: yes you can, right there (pointing to about a 1 inch space between me and the wall)

In the car
Jaja: Andrea, what do you want for lunch
Andrea: Macaroni and cheese
Jaja: giggles
Andrea: Macaroni and cheese, and french fries, and chocolate milk, that's all I want, K?
Jaja: Is chinese food ok?
Andrea: ummm, sure and Macaroni and cheese
Kristy: No macaroni and cheese, rice and chicken
Andrea: I don't like spicy chicken

And here are some pictures of this cutie! 
January 2010

 March 2010

October 2010

Spring 2011

Summer 2011

 November 2011

 May 2012


  1. you've got some tough competition there.... ;)

  2. Oh how sweet your husband sounds amazing :) Praying for you my friend.