Monday, April 16, 2012

To my sister and my friend...

I feel like I need to say thank you, however, I don't have enough words to say it adequately but I am going to do my best. This is for 2 very special women in my life. One is my sister and friend, another is to a friend who is like a sister. Jonathan and I are so very blessed to have them in our lives.

Your support during the most difficult time in our lives is such a blessing. From the moment we found out that Grant wasn't going to survive and you made phone calls to my colleagues you have been by our sides. You have done so many things for us without us even having to say we needed them done, and for that we are eternally grateful. To know that we didn't have to worry about taking care of certain things was so nice. Your prayers, listening ear, and taking walks with me when I just needed a friend to be there have been a blessing. To know that my friend, who I consider more of a sister, is standing by us somehow makes walking this journey a little easier. Thank you for everything you have done for us and more importantly, thank you for being a great friend and loving Grant and us. God has blessed me beyond measure with you and I love you.

You are the most amazing and talented sister a girl could ask for and I am so glad that you are mine. Your support, daily phone calls and text messages saying you are thinking of me, and allowing me to talk about Grant and cry are so special to me. I know that your heart broke also the day you found out about Grant, but you have stood by us and supported us every step of the way. On top of all of that you put your own self aside so that you could give us a gift, beautiful photos of our beautiful son. I know that taking pictures of him and then spending countless hours editing them so they would be just right, has been so very hard for you, but the end result has been so amazing and Jonathan and I love every single one of them. Your talent has given us something to remember him by, from the maternity pictures to the pictures of him on his birthday. Because of you we have beautiful pictures of him that show how perfect he is that we can look at every day. I love you baby sister and I am so glad that God gave me you.

Others have been so very supportive during this time. From prayers and cards to meals and a listening ear, we are grateful.

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