Tuesday, April 17, 2012

In Memory of Grant Oliver Bybee

This coming Saturday, April 21, is our son's memorial service. It will be 29 days since we said goodbye to him. We chose to have Grant cremated so that we could spread his ashes at a place special to us. I couldn't imagine seeing him in a tiny casket. Since we chose to have him cremated we had time to schedule and plan his memorial service. I think this is good and bad in some ways. It has allowed us to really think about what we want said, the songs we want played, design a slide show to honor his short life and try to make things just right. I think the reason I want this service to be perfect for him is because I don't get to do many things for him and the few things I do I want to make sure I get it right. The bad thing about waiting so long to have his service is that we have been thinking about it for what seems like forever and no one wants to think about a memorial service for their child.

I know that we have no control over what caused Grant to have no amniotic fluid. I do however know that I did everything in my power to do everything right while I was pregnant with him, and that brings me some comfort. I was the best mom to him that I could be while he was here with us and Jonathan was the best dad he could be, and for that I am thankful because I know that Grant deserves no less. However the thing that brings us the most comfort during this is our faith in God. We KNOW that we will see Grant again in Heaven one day and that until then Grant is living where there is no pain, no tears and no sorrow. We know this because the Bible tells us in Revelation 21:4 "He will wipe every tear from their eyes. There will be no more death or mourning or crying or pain, for the old order of things has passed away."

My amazing sister made birth announcements for Grant that included his memorial service information. They turned out perfectly.


You can find more of Grant's story by clicking on the Grant label on the left of my blog. You can find his obituary through our funeral home here Grant's Obituary. You are always welcome to contact me at kristybybee[at]mac[dot]com if you want to talk.

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  1. I am visiting from Tesha's link up.I am so sorry you are walking this road of hurt,but please know you are not alone.(((hugs)))

  2. Oh I am so sorry, this is such a difficult path. We cremated Jonathan also. We did not have a service and I regret that so much... maybe we still will. I know that this happened and how very hard it will be in the upcoming weeks and month. My Jonathan went to Heaven 1-24-12 and it has been so hard. My greatest comfort is fellowship with other mommies walking this path. I am thankful you linked up and I look forward to reading more of Grant's story. Hugs and lots of prayers coming your way. Please email me anytime if you want to chat :)