Thursday, October 11, 2012

Starting Round 2 of Treatments

If you don't want to read the details of my fertility treatments skip this post :) I record them so I can look back and remember what I have done and hopefully one day celebrate success.

Well, the last round made me ovulate but we aren't pregnant. I actually ovulated without the shot of hCG and my progesterone level was 32.7 (which they want it over 20 so it was good). So here we go again. We are doing the same exact thing as last time. Clomid + Femara + Metformin and likely + a shot of hCG after an ultrasound to confirm I will ovulate. For those who are curious they draw the progesterone level about a week after I ovulate to make sure that the corpus luteum (the remnant of where the egg was) is healthy and will sustain a pregnancy until the egg implants into the uterus and starts producing it's own hormones. I'm really bummed that I'm not pregnant this month. I was hoping that this time around would be easier. Oh well. We will keep trying. We know this combination of medications works to make me ovulate, now we just need to get pregnant with a healthy baby.

Next week should be interesting as I will be on all of these hormones, working nights, and caring for 2 toddlers during the day since we don't have them in daycare yet. Please pray that with God's help I won't be overly emotional and will be able to still be a good wife and mom. We desperately want to add to our family and make Grant a big brother.


  1. Prayers and blessing for you as you start again!


  2. Prayers!! I soo want Grant to be a big brother!!

  3. Best of luck!! I hope you get some rest next week. Isn't it amazing how you can do everything right and it still just doesn't work sometimes? I feel ya, girl!

  4. Praying for you and Jonathan, Kristy! It is so hard struggling with this again, don't you think? I will be praying for you next week - that sounds VERY difficult! I will also be praying that the treatment works SOON so Grant can become a big brother! :)

  5. Praying for you on this journey.