Thursday, October 18, 2012

Empty Nest.....Again

LT, LN and M left today. They went to live with a family member who was already very involved in their lives. They were very excited to go and I know they will do well. It is so good for them to be with a family member who will love them and take care of them while their mom heals.

Now we will sort through clothes, organizing them back into tubs, so that when we get new kids we will possibly have things on hand for them. We have a few things that we need to get up to date before we take any more kids (as they will expire soon), so we will be working on that and then be open for new children once again.

Thank you for the prayers for LT, LN and M. Please continue to pray for their mom and for them as they adjust to living in another new home.

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  1. Oh wow I know it must be an emotional roller coaster. Praying for you.