Wednesday, October 10, 2012

5 Days In

LT, LN and M have been with us for 5 days now. Tonight was actually the 6th night but since they came Friday night they have really only been here 5 days. A large amount of paperwork has to be done in foster care. Most of which has to be done in the first few days after a placement occurs. The children also have to see a doctor, dentist and therapist within a certain amount of time. All three of ours have now seen the doctor, had their shots updated and had TB tests done. We will set up dental appointments in the next few weeks and go to the therapist next week. I think the children are adjusting.  Bedtime is becoming slightly better, although all 3 still cry every night. All of them are in bed and asleep as I am typing this. They are tired little ones.

Obviously I can't share details of their case with you but here is a little more about our new three.

LT is a loving, vibrant, hyper, very talkative 5 year old girl. She has started kindergarten at her new school this week and I think she is enjoying it. We are having to work on her being able to tell us about her day. Right now when we ask her what she learned she isn't able to tell us anything about her day, including what she ate for lunch, so we are working on it. We are also working on learning to sit still and not sing while we are eating. She sings or chants constantly. If this behavior continues in the next few weeks we will have her tested for ADHD. I'm am pretty sure she has it based on how she behaves but I don't think it is fair to label her with this immediately after a huge life changing event has happened to her. I think we need to give her time to adjust to our home, her new school, and new rules before we have her tested. I also don't believe in medicating children unless absolutely necessary. ADHD should be treated with therapy, behavior modification and sometimes medicine.

LN is a sweet, playful, 2 year old girl with beautiful eyes who loves to be a mama to her babies. She calls me Mommy and Jonathan Daddy. In the last few days she has decided that she likes to sit in my lap and cuddle during the day, which I don't mind one bit. She is a normal 2 year old who has trouble sharing and is LOUD most of the day but is usually sweet to her little brother (unless he's trying to take her toys). She looks up to LT and tries to do everything she does.

M is a chunky, cuddly, sweet little 14 month old boy who hates to sleep and loves milk. When he is happy he has the most infectious laugh. He loves to mimic the sounds we make. He loves to eat and hates to be hungry. He wakes up anywhere from 2-5 times a night and gets very angry when his cup only has water in it.

I can't wait to watch these little ones flourish and grow. I don't know how long they will be here, maybe only 2 weeks, maybe 2 months, maybe a year, but we will love and take care of them until it is their time to leave.


  1. Continuing to pray for all! I'm glad to hear that bedtime has gotten a little easier. You and Jonathan are AMAZING!!

  2. I thank God daily for awesome people like you and Jonathan! The selfless giving, love, patience, and kindness that you impart on children in need just astounds me!

    Lots of love to you all! xoxoxo