Friday, September 12, 2008

Tribute and Praise!

My mom was taken off the ventilator at 9:30 last night and is doing well. They have her alternating between oxygen and a BiPap machine which provides constint pressure support for her lungs. She is talking today, and her mind is definitly doing well. Her funny/sarcastic/caring self is back. I have missed talking to her dearly and was so happy to see her awake last night and be able to hear her talk today. Please continue to pray for her recovery as there are still many obstacles in the way.

Her website is:

Tribute to my Mom: I decided to list a bunch of words that I believe describe my mom. Too bad I'm not a walking thesauras because I would have many more.
Here Goes: Mom, Grandma, Sister, Friend, Kind, Caring, Loyal, Trustworthy, Sarcastic, Empathetic, Selfless, Giving, Good, Big Heart, Worries, Smart, Strong, Proud, Passionate, Loving, Amazing, Beautiful, Talkative, Resourceful, active, and all around wonderful! She is the greatest woman I have ever known and I am so glad that God has been healing her.


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