Monday, October 4, 2010

The Weekend...

This past weekend was a full one. I took Friday off because I knew we had a ton of things to get done. Friday morning we moved all the stuff from the storage that we were sharing with my parents to a smaller storage with just our stuff in it and transported all of their stuff to our garage so they could take it home on Sunday. Then we went and got fingerprinted for our foster care stuff. Want to know something really annoying? I have to get fingerprinted for our foster care stuff and I have to get finger printed for my medical license this year. Logically you would think that fingerprinting for the FBI would only need to be done once and would work for all things needed, NOPE, I have to pay the $50.00 to be re-fingerprinted at the same place and do exactly the same thing for my license, sounds like someone wants money to me :( Ok, off of that topic. Back to the weekend. Friday afternoon we went to lunch and then came home and rested for a little while. Friday evening we started getting things ready for our garage sale that was going to be on Saturday morning. We also put together a bed. I guess I should have started my weekend with Thursday night. Thursday night we bought a set of bunkbeds and a separate twin bed from a guy off of craigslist for our rooms. That means that Friday night we needed to put one of the beds together so my mom would have a place to sleep. A friend gave us 2 free box springs, which was a huge help! Friday night after all was said and done we didn't get in bed until after midnight. Saturday we got up at 7 am for the garage sale and moved more furniture outside to sell. We managed to make back all the money we have spent on the crib that we purchased as well as the twin bed and bunk beds plus some, so that's good. I had bedding for the twin bed that is in the "little kid room" with the crib but I needed to buy sheets and comforters for the bunk beds. I found a steal of a deal at Target on comforters and some really cute coordinating sheets at Wal-mart for pretty cheap. Now I just need to make the curtains in the "big kid room" and we will be set except for we still need 2 dressers and a changing table. Sunday involved rest, cleaning, laundry, and I worked on a huge presentation that I have at work on Wednesday. Then Dinner with friends and home to bed. Whew, I'm tired just remembering it.

We have pretty much everything completed now except for our observation hours. Hopefully we will be able to get those done pretty quickly and get kids in our home before Thanksgiving. I'm faxing the remainder of our paper work tomorrow. Tonight and tomorrow night will consist of me getting ready for my presentation. Then on to my application for my future job.


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