Monday, October 11, 2010


So it stormed here tonight. The kind with lightning streaking across the sky, my favorite. It always reminds me of a summer when I was a kid. We were at Lake Texoma with my family, somewhere we went often as kids. A summer storm was coming. My dad loaded all the kids in the car and drove us out to the end of the road. Somewhere where there were no lights, no people, nothing. Just us, the lake, the bluffs, and the trees. We sat in the car and watched the lightning for what seemed like hours. It was almost magical. We would see how many streaks would come off a bolt and what color it would make the sky and clouds. It makes me smile just to think about it. Life was simple then. No cares. Your dad in the car to "protect you". I still love to watch thunderstorms roll in and would be sad to live somewhere where there weren't storms. I love the sound of the lightning cracking and the thunder rolling.

I wonder why I get more upset when I learn of one person being pregnant than when I learn of someone else. People I know pretty equally well. Hmmm?

I'm starting to get frustrated with the foster care process. It seems like every time I think we are nearing the end something else comes up that needs to be done. Why do they have to make it so difficult to be a foster parent? I mean, we are willing to take in other peoples children, children likely to have emotional, and sometimes physical injuries and yet they make it incredibly difficult to be a foster parent. I know that they are trying to ensure that these fragile children are placed in safe and secure homes, but some of it seems a little ridiculous. Oh well, we will jump through all the hoops and hopefully be done before Thanksgiving.

I just want to be a mom.....


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  1. I know the process is long but as someone who has worked on the other end, it's there for a reason. Not only to have to make sure the house is safe but you have to make sure the couple is emotionally, financially etc stable to care for a young one. There is a lot to learn about the system and kids that need a little "extra" love. However in the end it's totally worth it and agencies are super grateful to have families with good hearts.

    My prayer for you is that you take each class and step as an opportunity to learn to love a child who needs a safe place, a place to be when their own home isn't safe, a place to be when their own parents are needing time to get it together, or even a place to go that may become their forever home.

    It will happen, you will have young ones placed in your home. And again as someone who has been on other side working with the kiddos placed in a new place, with what seems to them as scary people, thanks for your willingness to open your home and heart to a different type of love for a child. We too (Buck and I) are looking forward prayerfully to the day we are licensed to give a child a safe place and a home.