Thursday, March 26, 2009


When did I become so synical? I used to believe in the best in people first and think the worst last. That is no longer the case. Now most of the time I think the worst and then convince myself to think the best. Maybe it's because I have seen so much in the past 9 months. There is so much meanness in the world. I can't fathom how people can hurt children. I also can't fathom how people can be so stupid. They think that lying will cover up their story but all it does is make us more suspicious of them. 

Have you seen the beauty that is spring yet? I know some of you live in farther north parts of the country but it is Spring in Texas! Yesterday we had a good ole Texas thunderstorm. One with Hail and wind and lots of rain! The kind where the temp drops about 20 degrees in 10 minutes when it arrives and where everyone talks about how nasty it is outside. I love Texas Thunderstorms!

We are helping my parents move into their house this weekend! I'm ready for them to be out of our house. I'm glad they are moving here though. It has been nice having mom here to talk to. I can't wait to be pregnant and be able to tell them we are having a baby! Hopefully in the next year we will be able to become parents. 

Hope everyone has a great weekend!


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