Thursday, March 26, 2009

An Idea

So a child I have helped to care for is getting treatment at St. Jude's Children's Hospital in Tennessee. This is one amazing place. Children's hospitals are probably one of the greatest places on Earth. We get to change a child's and families life forever. Children are such a joy to take care of.  At this hospital they have a wall with the letters A-Z on them. Children at the hospital get to pick a letter and what the letter stands for. I decided I would do my own version of this on here today.

A: Amazing- Life is amazing if you think about it. God orchistrates everything. 
B: Beautiful- Spring in Texas, flowers, children's laughter, a new baby sleeping
C: Courageous- seeing children face illness and treatment with smiles on their faces is a true sign of courage
D: Death- we fight it each and every day and we usually win. Another doctor once said "there are things in this world that are worse than death"
E: Earnest- our efforts in making children's lives better
F: FUN- what we try to have everyday at work! I have the greatest job in the world cause I get to play with kids all day.
G: GOD- He is the one that knows everything before we do and created these wonderful children that we have the gift of caring for.
H: Home & Hugs- there is no place like being home or hugs from a child
I: Impossible- to save everyone. It's heartbreaking but it's the truth of life. 
J: Joy- what children always seem to have
K: Kids- the reason I love my job
L: Life- something I have the privelage to impact daily
M: Mom- I love both of mine and something I hope to be some day
N: Naps- I love nap time, especially on my post call days where I didn't get enough sleep the night before
O: Opportunity- We all have the opportunity to change someone's live by being kind
P: Prayers- God really does listen 
Q: Quilts- I love to make them for other people
R: Rain- spring rain is so wonderful to listen to
S: Spring- New life 
T: Texas- my home and I love it here!
U: Unseen- We can't see the future but our God can. He knows the unseen and unknown to us.
V: Violets- one of my favorite flowers
W: Wonderful- my life, my Husband, my job
X: x-rays: something I'm getting really good at reading
Z: Zonked- not sure if it's actually a word but it's how I feel after working a 30 hour shift

That's it for now!

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