Friday, May 24, 2013

First Baby Shower

We celebrated Amelia this past Saturday at our first baby shower. Some of my really good friends from here hosted it and it was amazing. Lots of great friends came to celebrate with us and pour out their love on us and Amelia. My Mom and Dad drove down for the day so my Mom could go to the shower with me. My sister missed out because she was vacationing in Hawaii (I was actually a little jealous of her). We got lots of good presents for Amelia and most of all I had a great time celebrating this baby with great friends.

I only cried twice during the shower. Both times were when someone gave me something that said "Little Sister" on it. They weren't really sad tears or happy tears. It makes me so happy to have friends acknowledge that Amelia is in fact a little sister. The day was a little sad also, knowing that this is one more thing that I didn't get to do with Grant. It was mostly a wonderfully happy day full of celebration.

I'll post some pictures once I get them uploaded to the computer.


  1. SO happy you had blessed day can't wait to see some pictures!:)

  2. I had such a fun time meeting up with you and your friend! I wish I could have been at the shower with you though!


  3. Yay for a baby shower!! I agree with Tesha...can't wait to see pictures!