Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Just Over A Year Ago

It's been just over a year since our big ultrasound with Grant. The day that we learned of his diagnosis and that we would never be bringing him home with us. That day, March 8 of 2012, is burned in my mind. I can still see the doctor's face. I can still feel my heart being ripped in two. It rained that day. It just so happened that it rained on this March 8th as well. It seemed so fitting that it was raining and cold once again, just like that day last year. We have come so far in a year. I think of him every day but I don't cry for him every day anymore. His first birthday is rapidly approaching and thinking of it sometimes makes me smile and sometimes makes me wince.

Grant's life has changed so many people, including us, for the better. He has impacted so many families. I am so thankful that his short life has such an amazing purpose and that God is continuing to show His plan for my son and us. We donated diapers, hats, blankets and some sleepers to a local hospital in September. It was supposed to be enough supplies to meet their needs for a year. However, I received a very touching email from the bereavement director there yesterday that says they are almost out of our gifts. She included how touched families have been to receive these gifts that we made especially for them. We will be delivering more supplies to them soon. I am also trying to make a donation to my hospital here by Grant's first birthday but finding time to sew lately has been interesting. Hopefully I will be able to complete everything I want before March 23rd.


  1. Grant has truly made the world a better place! He will be forever remembered and missed. Praying many prayers for you during this difficult time!