Monday, March 4, 2013

Foster to Adopt.....J and K

We have been chosen as the likely foster to adopt parents of J and K. 2 little girls ages 9 and 10. We were one in four families initially and we found out today that our family was picked :) We are super excited about this but still unsure about the process and what is happening next. We will likely drive to where the girls are currently living sometime next week to meet with their CPS caseworker to discuss the girls case as well as possibly meet the girls. Then we will decide when they should come to live with us. Once they are living in our home it will take at least 6 months to be able to adopt them. We are super excited and nervous. Having new children come into your home is always a stressful time. This time feels even a little more stressful because these girls will be our forever children. Please be in prayer for them as they are prepared by their current family to move to a new family, new school, new friends and new city. Please pray for us as we prepare to welcome new children home and prepare ourselves for the very real possibility that by Christmas we will be a forever family.


  1. So amazing!! I have chills! Congrats!!


  2. Such exciting news!!! I am thrilled for you and praying lots of prayers!!!!

  3. Oh that is so amazing! Yes!! Prayers for all to go smoothly & for this to be the forever home for these blessings.