Monday, December 10, 2012


We helped my parents move the weekend after Thanksgiving. During that process I inherited a few pieces of furniture and another high chair. Someone remind me to show a picture of the high chairs that we use (one was my Mom's when she was little). I got an old bookshelf (that used to be a credenza but the glass broke a while ago) that belonged to my Grandmother and a desk. The bookshelf was made in the 50's when veneer products first came out. It has these cool legs on it and is very well made. However, over the years it has sustained quite a bit of damage in the form of scratches and water spots. I really like the size, shape and look of the shelf, it just needed some new life put in to it. I researched how to refinish furniture (since I've never done this before) and then I got started.

Sorry. I forgot a true before picture. This was after it was sanded.
After paint! I used paint left over from one of our walls. It's called Coconut Shell.
In place in the living room. 

With my Mom's Christmas Village on it! 

The paint color I picked is the same as the accent wall in our living room and the shelf is placed on a regular wall that is light tan. However, for some reason the color on the shelf and the color on the accent wall are different shades of the same color. Very strange but looks good none-the-less. After Christmas I will put pictures and nic-nacks on the shelf. I love the way it turned out.

The other piece of furniture I got is a desk that my Grandfather made for my Dad when my Dad was a child. This piece is very special to me because I never got to meet my grandfather. After Christmas I am going to sand and re-stain the desk and place it in one of the kids rooms. I'm also going to repaint the high chairs and maybe recover the seats.

Soon I will show you the finished product of the quilt I am making for my Memaw. It's going to look amazing.