Wednesday, December 5, 2012

It's Beginning to Look A Lot (but not feel like) Christmas!

Can I be completely honest? I don't mind one bit that it is still warm and it's almost Christmas. I love the fact that I can wear my flip flops and t-shirts in December. I love that as I was working in the garage this week on a bookshelf I'm refinishing (more on that later) I was in shorts and a t-shirt and was comfortable. Do I wish it would get cold? Not really! I hate the cold! I hate bulky sweaters and jackets. They make me feel confined. I would never be a good northerner. I do enjoy cold days on occasion. When I don't have anywhere to go and can sit by the fire drinking cocoa, otherwise bring on the lows in the 60s and highs in the upper 70s.

This week I have been refinishing a bookshelf, decorating for Christmas and working on a quilt. Busy busy. We got our Christmas tree on Sunday. I LOVE real Christmas trees. They smell so wonderful and look so pretty. I have allergies but I'm willing to sacrifice myself for a few weeks to enjoy a real tree :) The house is now almost completely decorated and I love it. I love the twinkling lights, Nativity Set, Santa's and Snowmen, and stockings. This year I'm putting up a Christmas village that was my Mom's. I have to wait until the bookshelf I'm refinishing is done first so I have somewhere to put it. Hopefully I can get that done tomorrow and then I will be pretty much done. I have handled decorating without too much sadness. I had a few moments while hanging stockings and putting ornaments on the tree but I am enjoying the true meaning of Christmas this year and am celebrating that.

The outside of our house. No lights on the top this year. Saving money for the ones I really want for next year. This is the first year you can see the columns because we are re-landscaping. Those 2 trees are kids tress in the kid rooms.

Front Door Wreath I made this year :)

Grant's ornament on the tree. Love how he is represented there.
Grant's other ornament
Our Family Ornament from last year. I miss those 2 kiddos.
Stockings on the mantel with Grant's urn in the middle. The 2 stockings on the ends are for our dogs.
My Willow Tree Nativity Set. I love this set and plan on getting a few more of the pieces in the future. 

So, there you have it. Christmas decorations a-la-Bybee. I'll show the bookshelf and Christmas village when I get it up. The bookshelf is done but looks empty (cause it is) so I don't want to share just yet. My Christmas Card will be posted soon too :)

Merry Christmas!


  1. Delightful walk through your decorations. Love the joy wreath! And how sweet seeing Gabe's ornaments. Our babies are always with us. So thankful God is, too!

  2. Oh I love it so pretty and festive! Praying your heart is doing well during this season.

  3. Beautiful!!! I keep meaning to tell you that we'll be coming through your neck of the woods on December 16th maybe sometime in the afternoon. Would be free to grab some coffee do you think?!


  4. Not that our situation is anywhere close to the loss you had but we are with you on not feeling very Christmasy this year. Praying for your heart to feel comfort this year and for many good memories of Grant.

  5. Love it, Kristy! Especially that wreath! Awesome job. :)

  6. OH! And I'm totally with you on the weather thing. I think I'm secretly Hawaiian, but my parents haven't told me yet. Ha!

  7. Beautiful! I love it so pretty and festive!