Thursday, February 16, 2012

Embracing Change

We are learning to embrace change even if we would rather lay on the floor kicking and screaming that it's not fair. D and A have started 8 hour unsupervised visits with their mom and step-dad. After about 4 weeks of this, if things are going well, they will start overnight/weekend visits for a short time and then will go home for good. We do still have concerns about them going home, the main one being A's dad. We are concerned that the kids going home and the new baby being born at the same time will add too much stress to the family and he won't handle it well. However, we have expressed our concerns and have to trust that God has a much bigger plan. We have decided that it may be a better use of our energy to root for the family and do what we can to help them succeed. If the children are to go home we want the family to succeed so that the children aren't hurt again. These children mean the world to us and we want what is best for them.

Over the next few months we would appreciate your prayers for us, D, A, their families, the judge and CPS so that decisions being made are in D and A's best interest. Transitioning home is very hard on the kids emotionally and we will do our best to support them during this time.

D and A continue to do fabulously and are such a joy to have around. I can't imagine living the past 10 months without them!

Embracing change isn't always easy and isn't always what we want to do, but we are slowly learning to do just that. Some days are harder than others, but we will get through this as a family.

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