Friday, August 8, 2008

A Tough Question

Why do babies/children have to get sick and/or die? How am I supposed to answer this question to families that are having to deal with it? This is one of the hardest parts of my job and I wish I knew the answer. A bunch of my readers are wiser than I and if you have some suggestions/biblical passages that I can use to help answer this question I would greatly appreciate it. Another problem arises when the family doesn't have a faith system and I think that these parents have a harder time (if that's possible) accepting these types of things than those that believe in God.

My job can be so rewarding at times. Right now I am working in the NICU which is where the premature or really sick babies go. I have had some patients that are true miracles and testaments to God's healing powers and I have been involved with some that just couldn't overcome all of the things that affected them. I am learning slowly to deal with loss. My faith in God helps greatly as does the fact that He is the one that made me to do this job. One of the other things is the moments that are rewarding are greater in number than those that are devastating.


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