Monday, March 24, 2014

2 years...Happy Birthday Grant Oliver

2 years have passed since I've held you in my arms. I think of you every day and miss you always. We had a party to celebrate Grant this year and it was so much fun. So many of our friends came and my sister even drove down from Dallas to be here. I decided that we should make tiny hats to donate to local hospitals so that other families would know that their baby is special and loved. We made over 200 hats that day. Our small group at church got us a card and donated money to MEND in Grant's memory. So sweet. I loved being able to celebrate his life with everyone. I had to work on Grant's actual birthday. I was a little bummed about it. However, at work that day someone I work with came up to me and asked to talk to me later. When I was done seeing patients she came down and met me in my office and proceeded to tell me that she lost a baby earlier this year. They received one of the diapers we had donated to our local hospital and she said how much it meant to her. It was amazing hearing about this on Grant's birthday!

Happy 2nd Birthday in Heaven baby boy. I can't wait to see you again.


  1. Happy birthday sweet Grant! I can almost see you there with Jonthan celebrating:) So glad that you special boy was celebrated! Oh and what perfect timing that testimony came!

  2. Happy Birthday Grant! You are so loved and so missed! I know you have quite a few special friends up in heaven celebrating with you :).


  3. Grant's life continues to reach people, and you and Jonathan are inspiring examples of grace and courage. Love you, my friend!

  4. Love this, Kristy!!! And Happy Happy Birthday to Grant!!! Love and hugs....