Monday, October 21, 2013

2 Months Old.....Where Has the Time Gone?!

Time is going way to fast for my liking. Amelia is growing every day it seems like and I am wondering where my little baby has gone. Today was her 2 month doctors appointment. Here is what she is up to!

Weight: 11lbs 13 oz (75%)
Height: 22inches (45%)
LOVES: Cuddles and nursing
HATES: Bottles, Pacis, swaddling

She coos, smiles and holds her head up. She is trying to roll over already (that needs to stop :) ) She loves to "stand" in our laps and actually has pretty good control of her body. She's super colicky at night and cries most nights starting at around 7pm and going until she crashes around 11 or 11:30, some nights later. She sleeps great once she falls asleep and sleeps 6.5-8 hours most nights. She is happiest in the mornings and that is when we get the most smiles out of her. We are blessed!

Here are some recent photos!

First Time to Church, Sept 29

2 month doctor appointment

Princess stickers on chubby thighs after my shots 


  1. Aww love this sweet Amelia update! She is so precious:)

  2. What a sweet angel! So glad to hear Amelia is doing well. Hugs/♥

  3. Ahh, God Bless her, you and Jonathan. What a little beauty! So happy to hear all is going well.