Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Living Room Before and After

As promised here is the before and after of our living room redo. Our house has a living room/dining room combo. However, the dining room area isn't very large and is a little awkwardly placed in my opinion. It also has carpet, which drives me crazy under a table. We decided when we moved here to just use the breakfast area for our table and we have placed a kid sized table with 4 stools and a toy box in the dining area to create a little play area. We normally have a rug under the kid table but a certain puppy decided said rug was a chew toy. 

TV Wall Before
TV Wall After.
The photo above the TV should still be there. However it came crashing to the ground last night. Will be on the lookout for a new photo to put there. 
Mantle Before
Mantle After.
With Grant's Urn. Please excuse the flash light. I didn't notice that until now. 
Cross Wall in the "dining room" before
Cross Wall in "Dining room" after
That open door is to our master bedroom
Breakfast bar before
Breakfast bar after
Note the accent wall in the picture. I LOVE IT!
Blank walls before.
This is the wall with the TV and future accent wall. That doorway leads to the hall to the bedrooms and bathroom. 
No more Blank walls!
Accent Wall/Family Photo Wall!!
Close up of Family Photo Wall
I LOVE how it turned out!!!
A view from by the TV.
Notice the kid table in the "dining room". The toy box hasn't been put back yet.  
My 2 Dogs.
The smaller one on the left is the infamous puppy. We think she is a Lab/Great Dane mix, her name is Kira. The big guy with the gray chin is my 9 year old Newfoundland Cubby.


  1. LOVE how everything turned out! It looks really similar to the colors we've picked too. That accent wall looks really nice. We've toyed around with the idea of painting our brick fireplace a deeper color than the rest of the walls (it's pale gray and it just looks "dirty"). It's nice to actually see how great those 2 colors look together!

    I'm also loving the pictures of Grant on the mantle! So pretty!

    Hope you have a great rest of your week!


  2. Love it! Y'all did a great job!

  3. Looks great so fresh! I love the family wall soooo sweet :)

  4. Good job for sharing the pictures! Readers can surely spot the difference! And yes, everything turned out to be perfect! Congratulations! Of by the way, you might want to add some fancy but cheap radiators. Just saying! :)

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