Monday, December 5, 2011

Giving Thanks

Thanksgiving has come and gone but we don't stop giving thanks. This Thanksgiving season has been wonderful. We have so much to be thankful for and we are truly blessed. D and A continue do so so amazingly well. It feels like they have been with us forever, not just 7 months. It is so rewarding to watch them grow and thrive and know that we had a part in that. D's mom and A's dad are continuing to do their services and are working hard to get the children back. This is bittersweet to me. We have fallen so completely in love with these 2 kids. We knew when we chose to be foster parents that the majority of the time the goal would be to reunite the family and that we were supposed to love and care for the children for the time that they are with us. This doesn't mean that we don't occasionally wish we could keep the children. It doesn't meant that we don't wish they were ours forever. With us wishing that they could be ours forever doesn't mean that we aren't pleased that the parents are doing what they need to do to make their family healthy and whole again. I wish I could adequately explain the emotions and thoughts that we have. We know that we love these children as if they were ours and that we could give them so many opportunities in life. We also know that their parents love them, I have never doubted this. I do occasionally have doubts that by going back will they enter into the same poverty stricken lifestyle that their parents live? A life of un-education, teen pregnancy, domestic violence, drugs? I know that the answer is to trust God. I know that He knows what His plan is and that I don't. Just because I know these things doesn't make me wish I knew that the children would be ok when they go back home.

Like I said, we are truly blessed. We have been blessed to have these children in our home for the past 7 months, and probably for at least the next 2 months. We have been blessed to have all of our foster kids this past year. To be a part of such an amazing agency. For me to have a full time job where I really only work part time. For Jonathan to be able to go back to college and be loving it, even if it is challenging. I loved the week of Thanksgiving when everyone was at home, my parents were in town, my nieces visiting. The house was crazy busy but it was so fun to be with everyone. We got to see Jonathan's family on Thursday and have my family's Thanksgiving at our house on Saturday. This was the first time  most of my family had been to our new home and I loved hosting this family get together.

We are now in full swing for Christmas. Christmas is my favorite time of year. I love the lights, trees, smells, music, movies, and most of all the whole reason we celebrate, Jesus Christ my savior. Our house is finally decorated and I am loving it. We have presents wrapped and under the tree. We have stockings hung on the fire place and our nativity scene in full view.

God has truly blessed us this year and I am so thankful!


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