Wednesday, December 1, 2010

A Little of This, A Little of That!

The month of November is over, which for means I never have to work in the NICU again. It also means that tonight I go back to working on the general pediatric floor at my hospital. Speaking of my hospital, we are in the running for a $250,000 grant from Pepsi to help fund our new Children's hospital surgical suite. Here are the details on how you can vote for my hospital. I'm going to give you a little information on my hospital first since many don't know we even exist.

The Children's Hospital at Scott and White is the only childrens hospital between DFW and Austin. We provide care to patients from Hillboro to Austin, West of Killeen to College Station and everywhere in between. We are currently located at Scott and White Hospital in Temple, TX. We are in the process of renovating another hospital in town so that we will have our own hospital, just for kids. Once our new hospital is complete we will be the smallest town in the United States to have a stand alone childrens hospital. Having this new facility will allow us to open our doors to more patients, keeping more kids closer to home. The hospital we are renovating is an old adult hospital and it needs some serious updating. The grant from Pepsi will fund part of the renovation for the surgical suites. It will buy equipment and even build a new operating room. Below is information on how you can vote for our hospital. The poll only goes through December 31st and you can vote everyday. If you could please vote for us myself and the children affected would greatly appreciate it.
First, click on this link, register and vote for our idea.  You will only have to register once, so remember your password!   Click Here:

Second, text 104716 to Pepsi at 73774.

Next, vote EVERY DAY until December 31st at 11:00 PM.

Ok, On to something else. We enjoyed a Thanksgiving feast with Jonathan's family on Thanksgiving day. We have completed decorating our house for Christmas and I love it! We spent the last few days getting ready for our home study. Last night we had our home study and it went fabulously well. I am so excited to have this step complete. Hopefully we can have our license in the next week or so. We do still need to buy a dresser for each kids room but otherwise we are as ready as we can be I think. We are so excited to be done with this part of the process. Still have about 36 hours of observation to get done before we can have higher than basic level children. Yay for being a HUGE step closer!


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