Thursday, September 9, 2010

Another One Come and Gone

So yet another month of the infertility journey has passed, without a baby made :( It wasn't a complete failure this time though. I did make 4 eggs!! That's right, 4, my best number yet! And I ovulated great according to my labs, woohoo!! We learned that there is about a 16% chance of getting pregnant per egg that is released. They only gave me half my normal dose of HCG to make me ovulate this time in an effort to keep me from ovulating all of my eggs so I wouldn't be a mom to quads :) The funny thing is when he saw the 4 eggs he said that we would only go forward with this if I understood the complications associated with higher order multiples. Then he looked from me to Jonathan and said never mind, you are a Pediatrician, you understand better than I do. I thought it was funny anyways. I enjoyed messing with Jonathan about the prospect of possibly having more than 1 or even 2 babies. But alas, we did not conceive this time :( We shall try again soon.

We are getting excited about our foster care class that starts this weekend. Tomorrow we are supposed to listen in on a conference call that is supposedly to help us understand the process just a little better before class on Saturday. We still have quite a few things that we have to get done before we can be certified, such as: get family members and future temporary care givers (aka babysitters) to fill out back ground check info, get an affadavit notarized for both of us, get our house inspected by the health and fire departments, Jonathan needs CPR and first aid training, and I actually have to have first aid training just for a card that says I completed it, which sounds a little absurd to me. We also still have to have our home study, turn in papers saying our dog is healthy and up to date on his shots, and prove that our gun is locked separately from the ammo. All this and attend 2 very full Saturdays of teaching. I'm sure I'm forgetting something because there is a lot to be completed.

The other thing we need to get done is clean out the office/sewing room so we can rearrange some furniture to make room for kiddos. There are rules about how many square feet per child are needed in a bedroom and how many kids can share one room as well as rules saying that children over 5 that are of opposite sex can't share a room. Since we said we would take 0-14 we will need a separate room for the older kid/ kids. I think we have decided to put the guest bed in the office with the desk and a chest of drawers. We will put a twin bed and a crib with a dresser and maybe a toy box and book shelf in the room that is now the guest room. Now we just need to find some of this furniture cheap! If anyone has any baby furniture, twin bed, dresser, etc they want to get rid of we may be willing to take it!

On a completely different note I made 2 pans of homemade lasagna tonight and my house now smells wonderful! Why 2 pans you may ask, we were really hungry of course, j/k :) One is for the awesome PICU (Pediatric Intensive Care) nurses and attendings who helped me survive one of my most difficult months last month. The other is for our foster care class this weekend. They have everyone bring something that you can share for a pot luck lunch and then we all pitch in and buy pizza for dinner since it is such a long day.



  1. YEAH that you produced 4 eggs! We're praying for you both.

  2. How were the classes?