Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Another One Come and Gone

Another Mother's Day has come and gone. I love my mom! She is fabulous! I just wish that I could celebrate Mother's Day as a mom. It seems that every day I hear about people I grew up with having babies. I can't wait to be a mom. I am about to start another round of meds this month to make me ovulate, hopefully I'll get pregnant.

Jonathan and I talked the other day and it was kinda cool....I had been thinking about the options we have to become parents. I have been praying about this and researching our options. On Friday an idea came into my head and I talked to God about it. My idea was to give our infertility treatments a few more monthsl and if we had no pregnancy we could start the adoption process. We went on a date that night and Jonathan started a conversation talking about when I would be willing to consider adoption. I really think that God is working on our hearts to accept a little one into our lives soon, be it from my room or from someone elses, either way they will be chosen by God.

Now the question is how do you adopt? How do we go about chosing an agency? Do we chose a child wiht disabilities? Do we chose to wait for a newborn? If we say we are ok with disabilities, how far are we willing to go? How old of a child are we willing to take? These are my thoughts. I want a baby, one no older than about 14-15 months, but I would prefer one under about 9 months. I want a child with a normal mental capacity, one that can interact and grow. I would love to have a child with no disabilities but I know that we would be able to provide a wonderful home to a child with dissabilities. I don't want to ask Jonathan to accept a child that is going to be harder to care for because they have dissabilities. I don't know. We will be continuing to pray about it.


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