Sunday, October 12, 2008

So it's been a while.....

Life has been crazy! The life of an intern is so busy. Add that to being married and it gets even more busy. I feel like I work constantly. I had this weekend off and it has been wonderful. Sleeping late, spending time with Jonathan, doing things I enjoy, has been a nice change. I love my job. The children are so incredibly sweet and it's so nice to watch them get better and go home from the hospital. I have a few patients in particular that I have become really attached to. They are patients that have chronic health problems and spend weeks to months at a time in the hospital. It amazes me how much joy they have for life when they endure multiple procedures, IV starts, blood draws and sick days. Some of these kids have spent more time in the hospital than they have at home. The fact that they are sick breaks my heart, but seeing them smile each day is such a joy. I love that I get to act silly, make faces, and dance around to make kids smile and laugh. We (the pediatric residents) get to dress up for Halloween and we have decided to be Superheros. I'm going to be Supergirl. I have been making my costume all weekend and after Halloween I will post pictures of all of us. Life is going well though. Jonathan is still looking for a job closer to home, the drive is getting old. Well, I must go finish my costume. 


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